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About Simple Claims Assistance

Simple Claims Assistance has a dedicated team with over 50 years combined experience working within regulated financial services, be it in pensions/ investments and mortgages. We have seen the good side of regulation and financial advice where the clients interests always come first and where firms and individuals act with honesty and integrity.

For the past few years we have worked within the regulated claims management arena, helping individuals with complaints about poor financial advice .The majority of people we see have ended up, on the advice of a Financial Adviser or other Introducer investing into unregulated high risk overseas or alternative investments with questionable returns and little or no secondary resale market. Ultimately most investments tend to have failed altogether resulting in 100% of clients money being lost.

We have experienced first hand the damage this bad advice has caused to many people's pensions and life savings, and the difficulties many have faced in trying to hold those responsible accountable.

Simple Claims Assistance will provide you with a dedicated case handler. They will investigate your circumstances and will look to see exactly what has happened to your money. If we can assist, will will tell you how we can help and what we will be doing to try recover your losses.